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We are London based Primary School focused on excellence.


Every child is a gem. In our primary school, we’ll polish your gem and turn a little boy or girl into a real diamond.

No matter what scores your child have, we can help him or her to figure out life priorities and denote the path. All children are unique - this is our motto! We have the best teachers with a personal approach to each student.

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Our Mission


The primary school is the most important beginning point.


We make the process of education of your bambino more accessible, simple and flawless.

Aside from learning basic subjects like grammar or math, we offer alternative solutions for your child physical and creative development. The best teachers will help you, while you are dealing with routine things.

Our Mission


Primary education is for everyone.


The main goal of our primary school is your child’s graduation with further promotion in education.

Learning something is always not easy, especially for young ladies & gentlemen. But discovering new things is in our blood and we know how to make your child love schooling thanks to dozens of original methods.

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Your child will be as safe as the Bank of England.

Inga North

English Language

Marilyn Adams


Linda Guzman

Foreign Languages

Janet Morris

Art & Music

Parents Testimonials

Students and Parents Club

I feel safe for my little Ben every time I take him to his class. The teaching staff is professional and friendly.

This school is the best place in the whole world for any child. Positive atmosphere and much more.

The perfect establisment for primary education in the city. I have a lot of friends with the same opinion.

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Grammar Programs

We will turn your child into the real polyglot and grammar expert in different languages.

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